Where Are They Now?

Laila 1

Find out how Laila (formerly Tremble) is doing as the mascot for Fighterbody Fitness in Waterloo! Click here to watch her “Where Are They Now?” feature.

From shelter dog to fitness dog. Laila is loving life as the mascot and greeter for Fighterbody Fitness in Waterloo.

Fighterbody Fitness Owner, Michael Powell, and his girlfriend Valerie Hoy adopted Laila from the Cedar Bend Humane Society in March 2013 when she was about four months old.

Laila is a black and white pit bull and lab mix. Fighterbody specializes in kickboxing, which is why Laila is named for famous female boxer Laila Ali.

She takes her job as greeter very seriously, making sure to get some extra attention from each client at Fighterbody Fitness.

She loves running on the mats in between classes, but during class – she patiently waits and watches from the office window.

Laila loves cuddling and she loves sitting (and sleeping on chairs).

“Are you sleeping on the job?”

She likes to squeeze into places that might be a little small… but she’ll crawl out from under the couch for some ice cubes.

Quite honestly, Laila has it made. She goes to work every day, and she’s rarely alone.

“She’s usually with us all day long,” said Michael Powell.

From shelter dog to spoiled dog.

We’re happy you found a great home at Fighterbody Fitness, Laila!


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