Pixel Labs “Inspiration” Video for Pet Adoption

Thank you to Pixel Labs in Cedar Falls for donating a video to us for the holidays. We are so grateful for the gift!

Click here to watch the video.

Pixel Labs

In·spi·ra·tion | Cedar Bend Humane Society

Inspiration drives both our success and creativity in order to share our passions with others. We created a mini-series video blog on our website to feature small businesses and tell their stories. We traveled around asking small business owners what inspired them to start their business and here is what we found.The Cedar Bend Humane Society (CBHS) serves the Cedar Valley Community and is located on West Airline Highway in Waterloo, Iowa. The mission of the CBHS is to provide humane care for all animals under its protection, educate the community about responsible pet ownership and advance the cause of kindness to all animals. The CBHS relies on the community for all of its generous donations. There are a number of ways the community can get involved including becoming a volunteer at the shelter and helping with events.

Learn more at https://www.cedarbendhumane.org/get-involved

Also, check out more stories as they get added to our blog here: http://pixellabscreative.com/blog/

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