Gifts From Drew

Gifts from Drew

Thank you to Bridget Gabriel for choosing to donate to us in memory of a family friend, Drew Scott.

Drew would have turned 26 on January 16th. However, he passed away after a vehicle accident on April 5, 2009.

Below are portions of a letter shared with us describing more about “Gifts From Drew.”


“Drew’s sister, Mallory, is my best friend. The Scott family became my second family many, many years ago. This year for Drew’s birthday the Scott family decided to do an awesome ‘act of kindness’ day!

I chose the animal shelter as my act of kindness because I believe it should go to a place where they made a difference in my life. Six years ago, my family adopted my partner in crime, my dog Hud. Hud brings so much joy and happiness in my life.

Drew was a happy-go-lucky guy. Always joking around and having fun. He loved animals, and would love that we are continuing to remember him on his 26th birthday by doing an act of kindness.

The Scott family is doing 26 acts of kindness and asked his friends to do the same. I ask you to spread the joy!”



Thank you, Bridget, for including us in your act of kindness in memory of Drew!

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