Valentina Update

Photos Courtesy of Carrie Worthington (CBHS Volunteer)

Photos Courtesy of Carrie Worthington (CBHS Volunteer)

Many of you have followed Valentina’s story. We are happy to share she is doing great, and she is now living with her forever family! The adoption will be finalized once Valentina is old enough to be spayed.

When Valentina was brought to the shelter at the end of January, her hind legs appeared paralyzed. She was examined and x-rayed at Den Herder Veterinary Hospital. It was determined her paralysis was due to an injury or trauma. Dr. Taylor treated her with a steroid injection.

We placed Valentina in a foster home where she received additional care. Thanks to the Worthington family for icing her injury, giving her anti-inflammatory and steroid medication, and providing some physical therapy for her hind legs.

Valentina is strong willed, and she showed great progress in a short amount of time. We can tell you Valentina is now able to use both her back legs, and we hope/expect she will have a full recovery.

We will continue to keep you updated, and we’ll share photos of Valentina with her new family soon.

Thank you for supporting us so we can support animals in need.


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