FURever Home Friday: Ducky

Ducky is one of our most senior cats looking for a new home. She’s approximately 11 years old.

Ducky was with her previous owner for eight years, but then her owner moved and unfortunately couldn’t take Ducky with her.

She loves to wander around the adoption center each morning. She’s a very curious cat, and she also enjoys playing.

Ducky is a big fan of our Kitty’s Garden and would love to have some cat-friendly grass of her very own!

Ducky seems fine around most dogs. Her front paws are declawed, and she has long, tiger striped fur. Since she does have long fur, Ducky will require regular grooming.

Ducky is looking for a relaxing home where she can enjoy being a loving house cat.

Will you give Ducky her FURever home?

Please visit the Cedar Bend Humane Society at 1166 W. Airline Highway to meet Ducky and to fill out an application.

We’re open all weekend from 10 to 5.

Ducky (cat)

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