Where Are They Now? Duke/Ron Jon

Duke was one of seven dogs that arrived at the Cedar Bend Humane Society in early February from Florida.


The dogs were surrendered to the ASPCA (American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals) in October from Sabbath Memorial Dog Rescue Center in Okeechobee, Florida after a lack of sufficient resources and proper care led to the deterioration of the center and the conditions of the dogs.

After receiving months of medical care and behavioral enrichment from the ASPCA at a temporary shelter, the dogs were sent to partner agencies to be placed up for adoption. The Cedar Bend Humane Society was one of 13 organizations partnering with the ASPCA to help place the dogs into loving homes.

Duke is an amazing dog, but he was very stressed out after everything he’d gone through. He was even on some anti-anxiety medication.

Thankfully, Heidi and Brian Fereday also saw that Duke was a great dog. We were so excited to see Duke go home with them!

Duke’s name is now Ron Jon, in honor of his Florida roots. He’s adjusting well in his new home, which includes sleeping on the furniture and going on hikes.

RonJon1 RonJon2 RonJon3 RonJon4

Thanks to Heidi and Brian for adopting Duke, and for sharing updates with us!

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