Furry Figures: January and February 2015

We want to share some of our “Furry Figures” so you know how your support is helping animals. The stats will be shared during the second week of each month on Facebook and on our blog.

You’ll see numbers for adoptions, spays & neuters, rescue exchanges, sick or injured animals, and lost animals reunited with their owners.

We’ll start with the “Furry Figures” from both January & February 2015.

Thanks for helping us help animals! We couldn’t do any of this without your continued support.


Spay or Neutered

Rescue Exchanges

Sick and Injured With Cat


Update: Good News for Dixie!


We want to share some good news with you regarding Dixie. She is the black lab mix picked up by Black Hawk Animal Control after being hit by a car and stranded in the cold for at least two days.

An initial examination and x-rays by a local vet showed Dixie had a broken pelvis. We sent a copy of the x-ray to a specialist in Des Moines who determined surgery would cost around $2,000. We made efforts to raise the money as soon as possible so there wouldn’t be any financial delay in getting the surgery done.

We transported Dixie to Des Moines for her consultation and surgery with Dr. Brent Reimer with Iowa Veterinary Referral Center (IVRC). After evaluating Dixie and taking additional x-rays, Dr. Reimer determined the pelvis was already forming a callus and the healing process was starting. Dr. Reimer said it would be in Dixie’s best interest not to undergo surgery as this injury would heal on its own. We were happy to receive his recommendation because this was good news for Dixie!


Dixie is currently in a foster home. She is on crate rest to limit her mobility while the injury heals, but she is able to walk and get around. She is also on pain and anti-inflammatory medications. Dixie will continue to be monitored to make sure further medical attention isn’t required. She may always have a slight limp, but there’s no reason to believe she won’t make a full recovery from this injury.

We received more than $3,200 in donations to help cover the cost of surgery and rehabilitation for Dixie. We are truly grateful for your incredible support!

While we expected the money raised to go to Dixie’s surgery, the money you donated will still be used to help injured and sick animals at our shelter. We currently have two animals, Nacho and Six, who need to be treated for heartworms. That treatment will cost us between $700 and $800. So this good news for Dixie is also good news for other pets whose treatments may have been delayed without this financial assistance you have provided us with.

Thank you for your donations and support. MANY animals are getting the help they need because of YOU. We appreciate all you do for our homeless pets!

Please continue to check our Facebook page and blog for updates as Dixie recovers from her injury.

Office Visit to Visual Logic

visual logic3
Visual Logic in downtown Waterloo invited us to bring some of our pets to their office.
We took four dogs (Piper, Nacho, Pluto, & Reesie) to visit the employees at Visual Logic.
Our furry friends got lots of snuggles, treats, and affection from the employees.
visual logic5
The dogs also got to enjoy some time romping around Lincoln Park in downtown Waterloo.
visual logic2
visual logic1
Did you know spending time with animals on a regular basis reduces depression and anxiety levels? It also lowers blood pressure and cholesterol.
Translation = Improved office morale and productivity!
In addition, it’s great for us to get our pets out in the community and around new people.
If you’re interested in having some Cedar Bend Humane Society pets visit your office, please call 319-232-6887. Our pets would love a chance to visit you at work.
Thanks to Visual Logic for a great visit with our pets!
visual logic7 visual logic6  visual logic 4

FURever Home Friday: Ella

We’ve said it before, but here’s more proof the Cedar Bend Humane Society helps find homes for animals other than cats and dogs.

This furry friend is Ella, and she’s a rat!

She’s about three years old, and she loves spending time on your shoulders and neck. She’s very friendly and quite entertaining!

According to the ASPCA, rats do best in wire cages like this one Ella is using in our adoption center. Wire cages with solid bases are best for rats because they enjoy climbing and there’s good ventilation.

While many rats like being around other rats, Ella enjoys having a cage all to herself.

A bored rat is an unhappy rat, so besides a way to climb, it’s important to provide toys.

Ella is also a big fan of dog biscuits. You can watch her take one to her little hideout.

A rat may not be the first pet that comes to mind when you’re thinking of a furry friend… but Ella will make a great companion!

Her adoption fee is just $10 (the cage is not included).

Will you give Ella her FURever home? Visit the Cedar Bend Humane Society in Waterloo to meet Ella and to fill out an adoption application.

We’re open every day except Monday from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.


“Why I Love My Pet” Writing Contest Winners Announced

The Cedar Bend Humane Society wants to thank the children who participated in our “Why I Love My Pet” writing contest.

We received 25 contest entries! The staff at CBHS read all the entries and selected their favorites. This was no easy task because every entry was wonderful! We could really feel and understand why so many children love their pets.

We loved that we got stories about all kinds of pets: cats, dogs, guinea pigs, farm animals, fish, birds, and ferrets.

As tough as it was, we selected five winners to receive a certificate of recognition and a gift card to the business of their choice. We also selected three honorable mention entries to receive a certificate of recognition.

writing contest winner -- Ellie Foelske writing contest winner -- Emily Hubbard writing contest winner -- Lillia Britzman

Our five winners (in alphabetical order) are:
Lillia Britzman (far right photo)
Natalie Demai (not pictured)
Ellie Foelske (far left photo)
Emily Hubbard (center photo)
Connor Sheridan (not pictured)

Our three honorable mentions (in alphabetical order) are:
Avery Isaacson (Denver)
Oliver Kidd (Cedar Falls)
Miriam Southall (Cedar Falls)

Since all the children did such a great job, we have put all the entries in a binder that will be on display in our adoption center.

Also, below are some excerpts from each of the entries. We think the words really demonstrate the love these kids have for their pets.

THANKS to all the children who entered our writing contest. GREAT JOB!

“When Henry wakes me up, he will wake me up by licking my face.” — Sophia Platt

“I have a dog that is jumpy. When she is tired she is lumpy. In the morning she barks. She sounds like a herd of aardvarks.” — Natalie Demai

“Her personality is her most beautiful part.” — Lillia Britzman

“I don’t know what my life would be like without him. He is the best dog in the world, & I love him to pieces.” — Emily Hubbard

“I love my cat Fred because she’s silly, she’s very pretty, she does crazy things, and because we found her.” — Oliver Kidd

“I love all of them very, very much. I want to conclude that this only covers some of good things about my pets. The rest would not fit on all the paper in the world.”
— Maggie Roades

“Star is 12 weeks old, and she’s adorable and so cute.” — Brennan Else

“I am thinking about them (my pets) every second. Animals are my life. If I had to live with animals the rest of my life, I would.” — Kaisa Iverson

“Their names are Bruno Mars and Britney Spears. They’re husband and wife. Bruno loves Britney, but Britney dislikes Bruno.” — Brielle Peterson

“The reason I love them most is because they love me. I love my cats.” — Kahri Burk

“My pets are the most important thing to me because they are part of my family. No matter what, they are always there for me.” — Avery Isaacson

“I don’t know what I could do without her because I love her so much.” — Torin Brown

“I know when she is glad to see me because she sits on my lap, purrs, and licks me with her loveable, sand paper tongue.” — Alexis Wurzer

“From the instant when we brought them home we knew they would belong with us forever. I am so thankful for all of my animals, they make life extraordinary.” — Corinne

“He likes to snuggle.” — Ian Dunleavy

“My dog can open doors with his nose. He’s the best dog ever.” — Dillon Fowler

“She is a very good cuddler. She cuddles with everyone.” — Grace Hennessy

“Sawyer is a rescue dog, and he is the best.” — Chris Haislet

“I have a dog that’s yellow and fluffy. He makes my heart all puffy.” — Jenna Hess

“My favorite things I like about my cat are that she meows really cute, she is soft, and she cuddles with me.” — Hannah Davis

“I love Gizmo because she always sits by me when I do homework and watch TV.”
— Connor Sheridan

“I love my ferrets because they always know how to make me laugh and/or smile.”
— Miriam Southall

“One reason why I care about her is she is fun to play with (any type of game). Another reason is that she is good for cuddling on cold days and also days you feel down.”
— Andriana Weber

“Boomer comes into my room every night to make sure I’m okay and to sniff by my closet. I can’t imagine even a week without him. Too hard.” — Ellie Foelske

writing contest binder