29 Dogs Arrive at Cedar Bend Humane Society from ASPCA®

UPDATE — As of May 4th: 25 of the 29 dogs that arrived from the ASPCA on April 15th are adopted!

The pictures of the four available dogs are below.

You can see their full adoption profiles on our website: http://www.cedarbendhumane.org

THANK YOU so much for helping us find all our pets great homes! We appreciate your support.


The Cedar Bend Humane Society is partnering with the ASPCA® (American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals®) to help place dogs from rescue operations in Alabama, Arkansas, and South Carolina. The Cedar Bend Humane Society agreed to place 29 dogs. The dogs arrived in Waterloo on Wednesday, April 15. The dogs are a variety of size, age, and breed.

Please check www.cedarbendhumane.org soon for the pets’ profiles and Cedar Bend Humane Society on Facebook for further updates. Most of the dogs should be available for adoption within the next couple of days. If you’re interested in adopting, please look at the profiles on our website and fill out an application.

In late February, the ASPCA removed 100 dogs from an overwhelmed rescue group’s facility in Mountain View, Arkansas. The facility agreed to surrender the dogs due to its lack of sufficient resources. The majority of the dogs were never spayed or neutered and several were pregnant.

Approximately a week after rescuing dogs in Arkansas, the ASPCA was on the ground in Needham, Alabama assisting with the removal, medical, and transportation of more than 130 dogs. Many dogs suffered from hypothermia, dehydration, dental disease, and painful ocular damage resulting in blindness. The rescue operation was the result of an investigation prompted by numerous complaints about conditions at the breeding facility.






4 thoughts on “29 Dogs Arrive at Cedar Bend Humane Society from ASPCA®

  1. I adopted a pom named Lacey & she is the sweetest puppy. She is really not a puppy as 3 years old but is learning everything she was not able to do as a puppy being in a puppy mill. How anyone can treat any animal that way is something I will never understand! Thank god all these dogs were rescued & now have a chance to be loved. I have 3 wonderful dogs & Lacey is here to stay.


  2. All of these puppies are so adorable. I wish I could adopt all of them. My dream was to work with Animals ,as to either being a Vet tech assistant, or becoming a certified dog trainer. I’m such an animal lover,a matter of fact the first picture on here of Winnie looks just like my one year old named Lady. I have 3 dogs,Hunter ,Haley &Lady.


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