“Pick of the Litter” April 2015

Each month, a different Cedar Bend Humane Society staff member or volunteer is going to be featured with one of our pets waiting for a home. This is a pet that’s special to that staff member or volunteer for one reason or another.

To kick off our PICK OF THE LITTER feature, CBHS Administrative Assistant/Adoption Supervisor Caitlyn Evans is sharing why she hopes Bessie gets a home soon.

Caitlyn and Bessie

“I may be a little partial to Bessie because I fostered her and her kittens for 5 weeks, but that doesn’t change what a GREAT cat she is! Bessie is such a loving cat. She always has to be on your lap! Since she has been back at the shelter, when you walk into the cat rooms, she is the first one that comes running to see you! Bessie is a very affectionate cat that loves to cuddle. The way that she looks at you and touches your face with her paw when you talk to her confirms my belief even more that animals do understand you and know that you love them. Bessie would make a great addition to any type of home. She would be great as a family cat or for an elderly couple looking for a constant companion. When an animal you fostered finally gets adopted, you know you did a good thing… I can’t wait to see Bessie’s family adoption photo on our Facebook page!” — Caitlyn Evans

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