UPDATE: All the puppies have homes. Thank you!


A litter of six puppies recently arrived at the Cedar Bend Humane Society.

The pups are approximately seven weeks old. There are two boys and four girls in the litter. The puppies are black lab mixes.

Three of the puppies (Luke, Darby, and Sassy) have black fur with a little white on their chests.

Two of the puppies (Polo and Fiona) are mostly black with speckled white fur on their faces and front legs.

One of the puppies (Lorelai) is mostly white with some black patches.

All the puppies have their first round of vaccinations. They are microchipped and started on flea/tick prevention.

**PLEASE NOTE: Due to their young age, the puppies will be kept in a separate room in our adoption center. If you’re interested in adopting one of the puppies, please fill out an application first. Once the application is approved, an adoption counselor will contact you to meet the puppy. Thank you.

Click here to go to our website to see the adoption profiles for each puppy and to fill out an application.

(adoption pending)

(adoption pending)


(adoption pending)




(adoption pending)


(adoption pending)



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