In Memory of Joey

Joey’s is a story that is hard to forget.  It was the afternoon of Sunday, July 12, and Waterloo Animal Control received a call that kitten cries could be heard from an open storm drain in Cedar Falls.  Animal Control officers carried out a swift rescue, retrieving baby Joey (as he came to be named) from the drain.

But Joey’s battle had just begun.

Joey was dehydrated, malnourished, and suffered from an upper respiratory infection.  He was treated here at the Cedar Bend Humane society, and was sent to a foster home with medication to continue his recovery.

However, despite the best efforts from our medical technicians, and the constant love and attention from his foster mom, Baylee, Joey developed what we believe to be pneumonia.  We are deeply saddened to report that little Joey passed away yesterday morning. Joey may have lost his battle, but thanks to his foster mom, he died comfortably in a loving home, not in the streets, scared, or alone.

Joey’s story is the same story for so many kittens who arrive at CBHS every single day in need of extensive medical care.  It is only thanks to generous donations, as well as our devoted foster families, that we are able to give these babies a fighting chance.  If you are in any way able to help us help these kittens, please consider joining our foster program, or making a donation in memory of little Joey. With your help, we can turn Joey’s sad ending, into a happy one for countless kittens in need.

Rest well, little Joey.


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