Puff’s Journey

Puff3Puff, an Australian Shepherd puppy, was brought to the Cedar Bend Humane Society when he was only a few months old. He was believed to be blind and deaf, and his breeders didn’t know what to do with him.  They expected him to be euthanized.

We immediately saw Puff as more than just a “burden” and wanted to fight to find this little guy the home and family he deserved.  We began looking high and low for rescues, both locally and nationally, that specialized in training dogs like Puff to be adopted.

Training any puppy can be challenging, but when you can’t rely on not one, but two very valuable senses, new challenges arise.  It takes a group of specialized trainers to communicate effectively with blind and deaf dogs, to ensure that they get the help they need, and can eventually become candidates for adoption.

The photographer who took Puff’s photos, shared his story with her friends at Paws & Whiskers Photography.  Puff’s story received over 1,300 shares and reached over 62,000 people online.  CBHS was flooded with inquiries from individuals, families, and rescues ready and willing to open their hearts and homes to Puff.

Upon careful consideration and research, Green Dogs Unleashed, out of Troy, VA was selected as the right rescue for Puff.  They assembled a transport team, and Puff left Cedar Bend on December 26th, 2015 to head south.

We are thrilled to report that Puff has arrived safe and sound in VA, and is in great hands with a great rescue.

We will be sure to share any updates we receive on Puff’s training and progress.  Thank you so much to everyone who supported Puff and his journey–you made a real difference in the life of a dog who would have otherwise been forgotten.

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