Dixie Goes Home!

It was a cold, February morning, 2 days after Valentine’s Day. A black dog had been found on the side of the road.  She couldn’t walk, and it appeared that she had been hit by a car.  The frostbite on her stomach indicated that she had been lying in the ditch, in subzero temperatures, for days.

black pit hit by car 6

We could tell almost immediately that this girl, who we named Dixie, was a fighter.  We put out a plea to gather donations that would cover a life-saving surgery for Dixie.  In less than 24 hours the donation goal had been met, and exceeded.

black pit hit by car 4

Over the next few months, Dixie was monitored by veterinarians, and recovered in a foster home.  By summer, she was ready to be placed up for adoption.  She was beloved by so many of our staff and volunteers, that it became a united mission to find Dixie a home.  We shared Dixie’s story with the public.  We took photos, videos, dressed her up, took her to events, did everything we could to show the world what a great dog Dixie was. Everyone was rooting for Dixie, our little 4-legged survivor.  One generous donor even sponsored Dixie’s adoption fee, hoping that would help her get adopted faster.


Because of the way in which Dixie came to our shelter, we didn’t know anything about her background.  All we knew was that she didn’t always play nice with other animals, and she became very protective of anyone she claimed as “hers.”  This meant she needed to find a home where she would be the only pet, and where there wouldn’t be a lot of in-and-out company–not the easiest to find, it turns out!


So, the months slowly passed, and we waited patiently alongside our, “Mama Dixie,” as she was affectionately nicknamed, for the perfect family to come along.  We held onto hope that someone was out there, looking for a dog just like Dixie.

Then one day…

A woman named Sherry visited our adoption center.  She met Dixie, and it was love at first sight.  Because we knew Dixie could be somewhat temperamental, we allowed Sherry to foster Dixie in her home for 2 weeks, just to make sure it was a good fit.  Sure enough, it was.

2016-01-19 11.20.28_resized

On February 19, Sherry brought Dixie back to Cedar Bend to adopt her.  We couldn’t believe our eyes:  Dixie was a new dog!  She was happier than we had ever seen her before.  We all took turns hugging “Mama Dixie.” She wagged her tail and gave lots of kisses, all while staying close to her new mom, Sherry, with whom she had clearly formed a bond.

After a few tears, we all waved goodbye as Dixie waddled out the door.  Finally, our girl was headed home.

Congratulations to Dixie and Sherry, and thank you to everyone who helped Dixie find her way home.  Your donations and support truly are life-saving.



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