New Year’s Eve Tips

This New Year’s Eve plan ahead to ensure your pet’s safety by following these simple five tips.dog1-700x452

1. Collar, ID Tag and a Up-to-Date Microchip are a Must

Should your dog or cat become scared and bolt out the door, be sure that he or she is wearing a collar, ID tag and has an up-to-date microchip.

A microchip alone is not enough if a friendly neighbor sees your pet out and about and wants to return him or her to you. However, a microchip is very important should the collar or tag come off and your pet ends up at a shelter where they have a microchip scanner.

A combination of all three (collar, tag and microchip) will vastly increase the chances of your pet being returned to you quickly if he or she gets away.

2. Keep Toxic Food and Drinks Out of Reach

Alcoholic beverages are very toxic to pets. Some people will not know this and may leave a cup in a place where your pet can access it.

While some foods are okay to feed your pet, others are also toxic (like chocolate) so it’s best if your guests simply avoid sharing with your pet.

3. Create a Safe Room with Soothing Music

Cats and even some dogs may be overwhelmed by a house full of guests, loud music and fireworks going off.

Create your pets a safe space where they can retreat to if they become anxious. Try playing soft, soothing music in the room to down out scary music.

4. Use Non-Toxic Decorations

Tinsel, garland and small breakable or easily edible objects are not great to have around your curious pet.

They can be toxic if eaten and can also get caught in the digestive track.

Keep all of these type of decorations up high and away from your pet.

5. Make Sure Gates and Fences are Secure

It’s really best if you do not allow your pet to be outdoors on New Year’s Eve. The fireworks and other out of the ordinary sounds may be scary for dogs and cats.

If you do allow your pet outside – for instance, to go to the bathroom – be sure that your gates or fence is secure and that your pet otherwise stays on a leash.

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