Princess’s Road to Recovery

Princess, a seven-year-old Chihuahua, has come a long way since she was abandoned and taken in by the Cedar Bend Humane Society.

Princess had fleas, allergies, and other major skin issues. Her entire backside was without fur. She required medication and special baths for a long time.

princess 2-1

Princess also had a problem with one of her legs. She was suffering from a left, luxating (or out of place) patella. She couldn’t use that leg.

If all that wasn’t enough, Princess also had a hernia!

princess 1

Veterinarian Dr. Brent Reimer in Des Moines donated the cost of surgery to fix Princess’s leg and hernia.

Princess’s recovery was also made possible by one of our devoted volunteers who took her in as a foster pet and helped her through her skin issues.

Today, Princess is doing great!


After more than three months of recovery, our little Princess is now ready for a new home!

She will need a home that can continue working with her on house training and/or using potty pads.

We are now accepting applications for her adoption. If you’d like to meet her, please fill out the adoption application first. Once you’re approved, we’ll call you to set up a time to meet Princess.

Click here to fill out the application.

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Pets in Need: Hope

Hope is at the Cedar Bend Humane Society after getting caught in a live cat trap and coming to us as a Black Hawk County stray.

We think Hope is about seven months old.

Hope (face)

She suffered a puncture wound on her neck, and she also injured her upper lip.

Hope (puncture wound close)

Hope (lip wider)

We’re currently treating her injuries. We will hold Hope for five days to see if an owner is found before finding her a new home.

Hope is just one of the many animals we take in that require medical attention.

In fact, we spend approximately $50,000 a year in medical expenses to treat sick or injured animals.

Donations are always appreciated to help us cover some of the cost of medical treatment. Click HERE to donate.

Tiny Tim

Just before Thanksgiving, an injured cat was brought to the Cedar Bend Humane Society. The cat was found with his paw stuck in a foothold trap that was illegally placed inside Black Hawk Park in Cedar Falls. We did contact the DNR.

paw in trap 1

paw in trap 2

Our vet techs provided initial care to the cat, but it was clear he would need more medical attention. After looking at the injured paw, Dr. Melick with Companion Animal Clinic in Cedar Falls recommended an amputation. The toes in the paw were broken, and gangrene (a potentially life-threatening condition that arises when a considerable mass of body tissue dies, which can occur after an injury or infection) had set in.

paw in trap 6

paw in trap 3

paw in trap 7

Tiny Tim had immediate surgery to amputate his right, front leg.

Tiny Tim staples

Tiny Tim staples 2

We decided to name him Tiny Tim for the character in A Christmas Carol who was in need around the holidays but always had a great attitude. Tiny has dealt with the stress of everything very well.

Tiny Tim stayed at our shelter after surgery. On December 8th (about 10 days after surgery), Tiny Tim’s staples were removed!

Tiny Tim 4

Tiny Tim 7

He seems to be a very loving and sweet cat. He loves attention, and he especially loves having his back rubbed. When you stop petting him, Tiny Tim will use his nose to nudge you to ask for more!

Tiny Tim 5

Tiny Tim is still adjusting to life without one of his legs, but he’s getting around very well.

Tiny Tim got his Christmas miracle on Tuesday, December 9th! He was adopted by Jessica Cruz.

Tiny Tim adoption 1

We’re so happy for Tiny Tim!

Thank you for making donations to help pay for Tiny Tim’s surgery, which was done at a much appreciated reduced price by Companion Animal Clinic.

We have many animals in need of some form of medical care. Your donations really do make a difference in their lives. If you’re interested in making a donation to help with our medical bills, please click here.