The Cedar Bend Humane Society (CBHS) is in need of foster families!

stripe kittens 1

Becoming a foster parent is a rewarding experience! You will have the opportunity to care for pets that need extra TLC prior to entering the Cedar Bend Humane Society’s adoption program.

If you have the ability and the time to take a needy pet into your home for nurturing and care, this is the program for you!

The CBHS receives hundreds of lost, abandoned, and unwanted animals every year. Often these wayward critters come in sick, injured, or as infants too young to be placed up for adoption. The foster program is designed to give these pets a second chance at life and an opportunity for them to be adopted.

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The foster program is vital to the mission of the Cedar Bend Humane Society by providing humane care for all animals under its protection. If you are interested in partnering with the CBHS to help save lives, please read our policies and procedures and then fill out a “foster family” application.

CBHS Foster Parent Policies and Application.pdf

Criteria to become a Foster Family

  • Love!
  • Time!
  • Dedication!
  • A safe and nurturing environment!
  • Attend the CBHS volunteer orientation!

What to expect from CBHS when you are a Foster Family

  • CBHS will provide all pet supplies needed for the care of your foster animal.
  • CBHS will provide all medical and veterinary care.
  • CBHS will provide support and animal care instructions.
  • CBHS will seek to place your foster pet in a wonderful new adoptive home!

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