Update: Good News for Dixie!


We want to share some good news with you regarding Dixie. She is the black lab mix picked up by Black Hawk Animal Control after being hit by a car and stranded in the cold for at least two days.

An initial examination and x-rays by a local vet showed Dixie had a broken pelvis. We sent a copy of the x-ray to a specialist in Des Moines who determined surgery would cost around $2,000. We made efforts to raise the money as soon as possible so there wouldn’t be any financial delay in getting the surgery done.

We transported Dixie to Des Moines for her consultation and surgery with Dr. Brent Reimer with Iowa Veterinary Referral Center (IVRC). After evaluating Dixie and taking additional x-rays, Dr. Reimer determined the pelvis was already forming a callus and the healing process was starting. Dr. Reimer said it would be in Dixie’s best interest not to undergo surgery as this injury would heal on its own. We were happy to receive his recommendation because this was good news for Dixie!


Dixie is currently in a foster home. She is on crate rest to limit her mobility while the injury heals, but she is able to walk and get around. She is also on pain and anti-inflammatory medications. Dixie will continue to be monitored to make sure further medical attention isn’t required. She may always have a slight limp, but there’s no reason to believe she won’t make a full recovery from this injury.

We received more than $3,200 in donations to help cover the cost of surgery and rehabilitation for Dixie. We are truly grateful for your incredible support!

While we expected the money raised to go to Dixie’s surgery, the money you donated will still be used to help injured and sick animals at our shelter. We currently have two animals, Nacho and Six, who need to be treated for heartworms. That treatment will cost us between $700 and $800. So this good news for Dixie is also good news for other pets whose treatments may have been delayed without this financial assistance you have provided us with.

Thank you for your donations and support. MANY animals are getting the help they need because of YOU. We appreciate all you do for our homeless pets!

Please continue to check our Facebook page and blog for updates as Dixie recovers from her injury.

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