Pick of the Litter: Dash

This month’s “Pick of the Litter” is Dash, chosen by CBHS Volunteer, Maria Contreras.


“I choose Dash for Pick of the Litter because he is one of the sweetest cats I have met so far. He loves attention and he loves to cuddle.  I have seen a lot of animals come to the shelter but Dash is one of my favorites!

There were a few animals I could have chosen. But, to me, Dash stands out! He is 5-years-old and neutered.

Most people choose which pet to pick, instead, Dash chose me. I was spending time with some of the other cats when all of a sudden, one of the cats started rubbing against my leg. Then out of nowhere, he jumps into my lap and starts climbing up to my neck.

Another cat jumped into my lap after Dash did, and Dash was as calm as a cucumber. He didn’t care that this cat wanted my attention. All Dash was concerned with was making sure I didn’t stop paying attention to him.

I eventually picked him up and held him. He, in turn, put his paws around my neck and just laid there and nuzzled his neck against mine. Eventually, I went to put him down but he wouldn’t let go of my neck. He then climbed around to my back and refused to let go of me.  When he knew that I would continue to hold him, he came back down to my neck and just nuzzled against me.

Please stop in and spend some time with Dash! He will be happy to see you!”

Visit the Cedar Bend Humane Society in Waterloo to meet Dash and fill out an adoption application. Our adoption center is open Tues-Sun 10am-5pm.

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