Volunteer V.I.P.’s – Dallas & Shannon

Each month, the Cedar Bend Humane Society will feature a “Volunteer V.I.P.” who has gone above and beyond to devote their time and effort to making CBHS great.

This month, we’re featuring Dallas & Shannon, both Seniors at Columbus High School in Waterloo.  They have been volunteering for CBHS since September.  Here’s their story.


Shannon, Dallas, & Pepper


What attracted to you the CBHS Volunteer Program?

D: A service class for school – but we’d always wanted to volunteer here.

S: Seeing all the dogs.  I have 2 dogs at home, and just love spending time with animals.

What kinds of things do you do as a CBHS Volunteer?

D/S: Walk & bathe dogs, socialize cats, help clean the kennels, and help with events.  (Dallas & Shannon helped at our Annual Gala in November.)

What is your favorite part about volunteering at CBHS?

D: Watching the dogs and cats go to their new homes

S: Bonding with the animals–seeing what they’re like outside of their kennels.

Do you have a favorite animal at CBHS?

S: Flint (a Shepherd/Bull Terrier mix) was my favorite.  He was sweet, and he just got adopted! It was so interesting to see how differently he behaved outside his kennel.  He was so much more interested in you, and everything around him.

D: I liked Nyla (American Bulldog mix). She’s been adopted too. I liked how personal she could be.  She genuinely wanted your attention, and appreciated it.

What surprised you most about volunteering at CBHS?

D: The different reasons for animals ending up at CBHS – they come from so many backgrounds. And it’s always surprising to see the difference in how dogs act in their kennel as opposed to outside.  Sometimes they’re completely different dogs.

What advice would you offer anyone looking to volunteer at CBHS?

D: Try to understand what the dog’s situation was before it came to the shelter, and be compassionate of that.

S: And hold on tight when you’re walking dogs–some are much stronger than you are!  And patience is important too.

Do you have a favorite story from a time you were volunteering?

S: One time we took a laser into the cat room, and all the cats went crazy–it was hilarious.

D: For me, it was Shannon opening Chloe’s (Bulldog/Clumber Spaniel mix) kennel, and Chloe just taking off with Shannon running behind her.  We caught her, so we can laugh about it now!


Thank you so much to Shannon & Dallas for all of their dedication and hard work.  You guys are stars!

We rely on volunteers to assist us in everything from walking dogs, to joining us at events and fundraisers.  Volunteers can choose the activities they want to participate in, and which days and times work for them. Learn more about our volunteer program, and fill out an application on our website here.


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