Happy National Dog Day!

What better way to ring in National Dog Day, than to give a dog a second chance?  The faces pictured below all belong to dogs who need a home, a family, and a little bit of love.  You CAN make a difference in the life of a homeless dog.

Our Adoption Center is open until 5 p.m. today, and until 7 p.m. tomorrow and Friday.  Stop in today and meet your new best friend.

View all of our adoptable pets on our website here.

Dog Day

YOUR vote could mean $15,000 for CBHS!

The 10th annual Make My Non-Profit Run Better contest by RK Dixon and Premier offers non-profit organizations the chance to win an office technology makeover that will help them run better.

The Cedar Bend Humane Society is in the running, and we need YOUR help to make it happen.  Voting is now open, and the first round runs until Sept. 2 at 5 p.m.  Follow these easy steps to vote for CBHS once per day, per device (that means your vote can count twice if you vote on our computer, and then again on your mobile device!).

1.) Visit http://www.mmnprb.com/search/

2.) Search for “Cedar Bend Humane Society” by area (choose Cedar Rapids, IA), by County (Black Hawk), or just by entering our name.

3.) Click “Cedar Bend Humane Society” from the list of options.

4.) Once on our profile, click the “Vote for Cedar Bend Humane Society” box in the upper right-hand corner of the screen, just above the YouTube video.

5.) That’s it!

Just a few clicks could make a world of difference to our shelter!  It could mean reducing our printing costs, carrying out mobile adoptions, and increasing our outreach and education efforts.  All of these factors add up to more available funds for animals in need.  Please vote today!



Pick of the Litter: Bianca

Each month we’ll feature a different adoptable pet, chosen as a favorite by a CBHS staff member or volunteer.

This month’s “Pick of the Litter” has been chosen by CBHS Adoption Counselor, Todd Boggs.  Todd chose Bianca, a 3-year-old pit bull.


“Bianca’s friendliness, good manners, and intelligence made her my pick of the litter.  She engages people and other animals with ease and gentleness.  Bianca’s curiosity fuels her energetic exploration of the world.  This also makes her easy to teach new tricks!  She will make a wonderful companion who provides fun, play, and affection to any family!”

Bianca’s adoption profile can be viewed on our website here, or better yet, stop in to our Adoption Center and meet Bianca for yourself today!  We’re open every day except for Monday. To fill out an adoption application, click here.

CBHS Celebrates National Black Cat Day…All Week!

It should come as no surprise that the Cedar Bend Humane Society has a LOT of cats waiting for homes.  And black cats are certainly no exception.

Maybe it’s just a coincidence, or maybe it’s superstition, but black cats are less than half as likely to get adopted from shelters as cats of other colors.

Monday, August 17 was National Black Cat Appreciation Day.  Here at CBHS, we think our black cats deserve to be celebrated all WEEK, so we’re extending our promotion through the weekend.

From now until Sunday, bring in a qualifying wet or dry cat food donation, and we’ll waive the adoption fee for any black or partially black kitty!  Kittens too young to have been altered will still include a refundable $50 spay/neuter deposit.

We will accept any brand of wet food, but are specifically looking for Iams, Science Diet, and Purina One dry food.

View all of our adoptable cat profiles on our website, here.

Aztec (cat) Big Boy Blackie Bryce Clyde Estelle Gentry2 (cat) Gertie

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Dog & Cat Boarding Facility Coming to the CBHS Campus

The Cedar Bend Humane Society is expanding their services and have started construction on a new dog and cat boarding facility. The “Mutt Hutt” will be located on the CBHS campus, at 1166 West Airline Highway in Waterloo.

All proceeds from the Mutt Hutt will be used to support the needs of the homeless animals at the Cedar Bend Humane Society and will provide a much needed service in the community.  For more information, click here to visit our website.

IMG_4174 IMG_4178IMG_4181

CBHS to Host Microchip Clinics Throughout Cedar Valley


The Cedar Bend Humane Society has set a goal to microchip 1,000 animals in 2015.

We want animals to find their way home, to stay in their homes, and avoid becoming homeless if they should stray from home and arrive at a shelter or veterinary clinic.

The microchip is the size of a grain of rice and is injected just under the skin between the shoulder blades. Microchips offer permanent identification for pets and increase the likelihood that they are returned home if lost.

The Cedar Bend Humane Society is taking it’s microchip mission on the road.  We’ve partnered up with area rescues and shelters to bring a microchip clinic to a community near you.  The cost to have your pet microchipped is $15 + tax (optional online registration extra). Click here for more information.

Put the “Breed Mystery” to Rest With a DNA Test

As many of us can agree, “rescued” is our favorite breed. And to those of us who adopt, it’s safe to say that we’re never completely certain what breed our loveable “mutt” really is.  We see Lab in the face, Boxer in the chest, and those ears can only be described as…Cocker Spaniel–ish?

We know breed is irrelevant to how much you love your furry friend, but breed does play an important role in how the animal will age, possible health problems to look out for (and prevent early-on), and what kind of temperament and behaviors to expect.

While it is true that today’s domesticated dogs descend from wolves, many breeds are a far cry from their ancient ancestors.  This is because of centuries of careful and selective breeding.  Particular dog breeds were essentially “designed” to inherit the desirable qualities their owner wanted them to possess.  Hunting, herding, sporting–a dog for every day!

Former CBHS staff member, Danielle Wagner, adopted Missy last April. Even Missy’s previous owner wasn’t sure what her breed was.

“With most shelter dogs, we don’t know their background or their ancestry,” says Danielle. “I adopted Missy as an adult dog, and we knew very little about her.”

Finally, Danielle gave Missy the Wisdom Panel DNA test, and the results were definitely interesting.

“While tossing out guesses for Missy’s possible breeds, I never once suspected Pekingese,” says Danielle. “I guess she deserves all the royal treatment we give her since she descends from dogs of nobility!”

It turns out that Missy is a Pekingese/Chihuahua mix. However, a portion of Missy’s ancestry was predicted to be mixed beyond the three generations tested by Wisdom Panel. The test predicts the majority of her mixed breed ancestry is from the herding group, which includes Australian Cattle Dog and Border Collie.

Danielle says that knowing Missy’s ancestry gives her a better understanding of her dog, and her behaviors.

“Despite her small size, I definitely see tendencies of the herding breed in Missy. She loves rounding up her toys, and she needs much more exercise and ways to stay busy than my other two dogs.”

If you would like to learn more about the ancestry of YOUR canine companion, Wisdom Panel DNA tests are available for purchase in the Cedar Bend Humane Society Adoption Center.  The cost is $75 (+ tax). Click here for more information about Wisdom Panel DNA tests.

Missy Collage