Pick of the Litter: Bart

This month’s “Pick of the Litter” is Bart, chosen by CBHS Adoption Counselor, Kody Gentry.


“Bartholomew, Bart for short!

Bart is our third longest cat resident and I don’t understand why! I believe because of his independent nature Bart tends to be overlooked or misunderstood because everyone loves the fluffy, cuddly. What people don’t see is that Bart still has so much to offer!

If you’re looking for a fun, entertaining boy who just wants to live his life to the fullest, Bart is your man! He has so much personality! I’m constantly laughing at his silly antics whether he’s running around after invisible things or turning milk lids into the ultimate toy. When he’s not playing, he is lounging and enjoying a bowl of kibble. He likes his space but he loves a good petting session, too!

Something to keep in mind about Bart is that although he is fun and wild, he likes his space from other cats. He would do best in a home either without a cat or with a cat that will give him purrrsonal space. He would do great with a play mate as long as this playmate is fine letting Bart be the boss man.

I really hope that Bart doesn’t have to be here much longer. He would be so happy in a place with space that allows him to run around and expend his energy. He has the ability to put a smile on all the Cedar Bend Humane Society staff’s faces every day with his ability to find fun in everything! Someday soon I hope he meets his fur-ever family so that he can make them laugh as much as he does for me!”

Visit the Cedar Bend Humane Society in Waterloo to meet Bart and fill out an adoption application. Our adoption center is open Sunday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Saturday from 10:00am to 5:00pm., Thursday and Friday until 7:00pm through August 31st. The adoption center is closed on Mondays.