Pick of the Litter: Katana

This month’s “Pick of the Litter” is Katana, chosen by, CBHS Volunteer Ashley Ubbelohde.

Ashley and Katana

“This precious little pooch packs a punch. Katana is the sweetest pittie you will ever meet, her brown eyes will melt you like a chocolate bar on a hot day. She would be both the best running companion and couch potato with you. Like any dog, she needs a good balance of exercise and naps. She loves the indoors and outdoors equally. Katana just loves being in the company of any one willing to give her some lovin’s, especially belly rubs! She doesn’t understand personal space so be ready to get up close and comfortable with her. She has a beautiful brown and black brindle coat that glistens in the sunshine, it’s short and doesn’t shed much so she wouldn’t add to your current cleaning regiment. When you come home she will be the happiest pup and her tail will always wag for you; you might even get a slobbery kiss. She’s a quiet gal so you won’t have to worry about excessive barking or annoying neighbors. She will bark at other dogs if they’re too close, she’s selfish for your attention and would need to be the only animal in the home. She doesn’t pull on the leash on walkies, she knows sit, lay down, and is potty trained. She would be willing to learn more tricks for treats as rewards too. I’m perplexed as to why someone hasn’t scooped this good girl up. Stop by Cedar Bend to visit Katana, she’s sure to win your heart over.”

Visit the Cedar Bend Humane Society in Waterloo to meet Katana and fill out an adoption application. Our adoption center is open Tues., Wed., Fri., Sat., and Sun. 10am-5pm. Mon. 1pm-7pm and Thur. 10am-7pm.