Volunteer V.I.P – Deb

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Each month, the Cedar Bend Humane Society will feature a “Volunteer V.I.P.” who has gone above and beyond to devote their time and effort to making CBHS great.

This month, we’re featuring CBHS Volunteer, Deb Hudspeth. She has spent 174+ hours walking dogs, helping with events, and has been a part of Get Fido Fit since 2012. Deb has also adopted from CBHS.

What attracted you to our volunteer program?

I have always been an avid dog lover and was looking for a way that I could give back to the community. Volunteering at CBHS was the perfect fit for me!!

What kinds of things do you do as a CBHS volunteer?

My main volunteer function has been walking the shelter dogs. I also enjoy participating in the various fundraising events as well as distributing both cat and dog food through “Paws Pantry” when I can get a Friday off work.

What is your favorite part of volunteering?

I would say that my favorite part of volunteering at CBHS is knowing that I can give my time and energy to the shelter dogs knowing that they will hopefully soon find their “forever home.”

Do you have a favorite animal at CBHS?

I don’t have a favorite animal at CBHS. I love them all!!

What surprised you most about volunteering at CBHS?

When I first started volunteering at CBHS, I thought I would want to take all of the dogs home with me. I soon came to the realization that it was simply not possible. However, spending a little one-on-one time by taking the dogs for a walk, visiting with them (yes, I said visiting with them!!), or just sitting quietly beside them and petting them, makes for a calming experience for both myself and the dog. I really think it is therapeutic!!

What advice would you offer anyone looking to volunteer at CBHS?

What are you waiting for???? It is such a rewarding experience!!

Do you have a favorite moment or story from a time you were volunteering?

I can share with you my absolute favorite moment at CBHS. Early last December I lost my beloved sixteen year old beagle, Zoey. We had just celebrated her “Sweet Sixteen” birthday party with the neighbors and their dogs. It was a fabulous time!! At the end of the year, my husband and I decided to come out to CBHS to check out the dogs. In one of the cubes was a three month old Jack Russel Terrier. When I let him out to hold him I immediately knew that he was the one for me. My husband and I both fell in love with him and took him home that same day. He has brought so much joy to our lives!! Shelter dogs are the best!!

Chloe Moved!


We have exciting news! Chloe has moved to Cedar Valley Humane Society in Cedar Rapids. Chloe had been with us since July 2015 making her our longest dog resident. We are confident that sharing Chloe with Cedar Valley Humane Society will help her find her fur-ever home due to expanding her adoptable audience. Thank you Cedar Valley Humane Society for your friendship and support! If you are interested in adopting Chloe, visit http://cvhumane.org/

Jacqueline Retz chose Chloe to sponsor before she moved. Chloe’s sponsorship will now cover Amber, our second longest dog resident at CBHS. If you are interested in adopting Amber, visit https://www.cedarbendhumane.org/ Let’s find these sweet girls their fur-ever homes!


THANK YOU for your medical donations!

The Cedar Bend Humane Society has an unusual amount of animals with EMERGENCY medical needs. Thank you to those who have responded to our medical plea. So far we have received $760. We could not take care of these pets without your help! Thank you to the following donors:

Lisa, Thomas, Carole, Michele, Kimberly, Lucinda, Elizabeth, Alexa, Newtons Paradise Cafe, Emily, Sachiko, Bethany, Jacqueline, and Lori.

We need your help to continue to provide humane care for these animals and more. Medical expenses have reached $3,500 and growing. These medical costs are accumulating and ongoing. Every dollar will make a difference. Please make a life-saving donation on-line today! Click here to donate.


Gibson came to us extremely malnourished.


Thomas had a leg injury and needed immediate medical care.



Grant is heartworm positive and is receiving treatment.


Pierre had cherry eye that was corrected with surgery.



Bruno needed life saving surgery to remove multiple intestinal blockages.



Pick of the Litter: Nelli


Each month we feature an adoptable pet chosen as a favorite by a CBHS staff member or volunteer. This month’s “Pick of the Litter” is Nelli, chosen by CBHS employee, Gail. Nellie is 18 months old and is a very nervous pup.

“Nelli is my ‘Pick of the Litter’ because she is the most frightened dog in the shelter, and she needs a home. We are confident she will come out of her shell in a loving home.”

Nelli is available for adoption at the Cedar Bend Humane Society. Nelli’s adoption profile can be viewed here. Give Nelli a chance to warm up to you and you will not be able to leave without this sweet girl! Come visit Nelli today!

Chloe Needs Your Help!


Chloe is our longest dog resident at CBHS. She has been in our care since July 2015. Her long stay and high energy level is what makes her a pet in need.

Chloe is one of the sweetest dog residents here. She is a 2 year old American Bulldog/Clumber Spaniel mix making her very unique! Her tan and white coat is super soft. Chloe responds well to treats and loves toys, especially rawhides.

We would love for Chloe to go home with you! If that is not possible, we would love to see you come spend time with Chloe at the shelter, or help us find her a home!

How can you help this sweet girl?

1. Adopt.

2. Volunteer. We are seeking volunteers that would be interested in taking Chloe on a long walk, or playing with her in one of the large fenced in areas on the CBHS campus. This would help with all of her energy. Chloe would also enjoy a trip to Big Woods Lake or another dog friendly area. If you are interested in helping with Chloe please fill out a volunteer application.

3. Foster. Fostering Chloe would give her some much needed time away from shelter life, and allow her to experience a home! If you are interested in fostering please click here.

4. Sponsor. Sponsoring all or part of Chloe’s adoption fee would increase her chances of finding a fur-ever home. Her adoption fee is $175. If you are able to contribute to Chloe’s adoption fee, please email adoptioncounselor@yahoo.com. Sponsoring Chloe’s kennel for a month would be of great help, too. Sponsoring a kennel provides support for veterinary care, food, bedding, and enrichment toys for the animals living in your sponsored kennel. Click hereto learn more about sponsoring a kennel.

5. Share. Share Chloe’s story on Facebook with your friends. Encourage them to share, too! By spreading the word, we are hopeful this girl will find her home.

Thank you for supporting the homeless animals at CBHS!