Where Are They Now? Pops

For many people, retirement means moving from Iowa to Florida. It’s the reverse for Pops. This approximately nine-year-old black lab came from Florida and is spending his retirement in the Hawkeye State.

Pops lives at Western Home Communities’ Thalman Square. It’s a home-like environment specifically for residents who are memory challenged.

The residents love having Pops around, and many of the residents share stories of their former pets. Pops is especially close to Forrest who is 98 years old. The two moved into Thalman Square around the same time.

Pops came to Iowa from Florida in February. He was one of seven dogs that arrived at the Cedar Bend Humane Society after being surrendered to the ASPCA from a former dog rescue that lacked the resources to properly care for its animals.

Now, this senior dog spends his days relaxing on the couch and sleeping on the floor. He even has his own room with his name on the door.

He isn’t lacking for attention, and he gets to spend time outside in this fenced in patio.

We think Pops knows he’s one lucky pooch to get to live here at Thalman Square.

Pops has no complaints about retiring in Cedar Falls, Iowa.

“Pick of the Litter” April 2015

Each month, a different Cedar Bend Humane Society staff member or volunteer is going to be featured with one of our pets waiting for a home. This is a pet that’s special to that staff member or volunteer for one reason or another.

To kick off our PICK OF THE LITTER feature, CBHS Administrative Assistant/Adoption Supervisor Caitlyn Evans is sharing why she hopes Bessie gets a home soon.

Caitlyn and Bessie

“I may be a little partial to Bessie because I fostered her and her kittens for 5 weeks, but that doesn’t change what a GREAT cat she is! Bessie is such a loving cat. She always has to be on your lap! Since she has been back at the shelter, when you walk into the cat rooms, she is the first one that comes running to see you! Bessie is a very affectionate cat that loves to cuddle. The way that she looks at you and touches your face with her paw when you talk to her confirms my belief even more that animals do understand you and know that you love them. Bessie would make a great addition to any type of home. She would be great as a family cat or for an elderly couple looking for a constant companion. When an animal you fostered finally gets adopted, you know you did a good thing… I can’t wait to see Bessie’s family adoption photo on our Facebook page!” — Caitlyn Evans

FURever Home Friday: Ebony

Just like the title of Kelly Clarkson’s song – Ebony is “Miss Independent.”

Ebony is a cat that promises not to cramp your style.

She’ll come to you when she wants some attention, otherwise she’s content to explore on her own.

When Ebony does want affection, she loves having her head, neck, and ears rubbed.

Ebony is about four years old. She came to the Cedar Bend Humane Society 14 months ago from another rescue.

She is a black and white tuxedo cat, but Ebony has some neat and distinct markings.

Ebony’s paws are white, she has a line of white on her nose, and her ears are tipped with just a little white.

She loves to hide under furniture and pounce out. She’ll also randomly start rolling around on her back.

Thanks to a sponsorship, Ebony’s adoption fee is reduced to $60.

Will you give Ebony her FURever home?

Visit the Cedar Bend Humane Society at 1166 W. Airline Highway in Waterloo to meet Ebony and to fill out an adoption application.

We’re open every day except Monday from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.


Pets Available for Adoption

Here are pictures of most of the pets available for adoption at the Cedar Bend Humane Society.

Please stop by our adoption center at 1166 W. Airline Highway in Waterloo to meet any of these pets. Applications are available in our adoption center or on our website.

Our adoption center is open six days a week: Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, & Sunday from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.









Caroline and Monster1

Caroline and Monster

Zeus1 SONY DSC  Tiger (cat) Suki (cat) Sophie 4 (cat) Snookie 1 (cat) Snickers (cat) Slinky (cat) Armondo (cat) SONY DSC SONY DSC SONY DSC Purity (cat) Princess1 SONY DSC Peony (cat) SONY DSC Nikki (cat) SONY DSC SONY DSC Monet (cat) Misty (cat) SONY DSC Marigold (cat) SONY DSC SONY DSC Lucy (cat) Lilly (cat) Levi 1 (cat) Kitty Meow (cat) JoJo (cat) Jinx (cat) Jessie 2 (cat) SONY DSC SONY DSC Ginger 1 (cat) Gentry (cat) SONY DSC SONY DSC SONY DSC SONY DSC Daisy1 (cat) Clara (cat) Claire_edited-1 Cinnamon (cat) Churro 1 (cat) Chelsea Chase2 (cat) Callie2 (cat) Boston1 Blanco 1 (cat) SONY DSC Bea (cat) Aztec (cat) Rigby (cat)  SONY DSC Seneca (cat) SONY DSC SONY DSC Shiloh1

Now Selling Magnets!

Are you looking for a way to declare your love for your pet? Why not use a pet-themed magnet?

You can now purchase oval, paw print, or bone magnets in the Cedar Bend Humane Society Adoption Center. These magnets are great for your vehicle, refrigerator, or filing cabinet at work or home. Each magnet costs $5 (plus tax).

We have three customized magnets for sale that show your support for the Cedar Bend Humane Society.

magnets for blog6

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We also have five paw print magnets in black with various messages.

magnets for blog5

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Please visit the front desk in our adoption center to get your magnet!

We encourage you to give us your feedback as well so we know what magnets to order in the future!

Where Are They Now? Bear

Here is part of an email update we received on Bear, a husky recently adopted. We are so happy to see Bear is doing great in his new home!

“It has only been 24 hours since we brought Bear home with us, but the connection is clear! Bear has no problem with our cats, in fact he even let them sleep on his tail! We took him to the local dog park today and he instantly made four new friends that we set up weekly play dates with! It was wonderful to see his tail up in the air and him having such a good time. Here are a few pictures we have taken. Thank you for allowing us to adopt another member of our family!”  –The Slaton Family



FURever Home Friday: Tiger

Tiger is a talkative cat looking for someone to have a conversation with!

He is about a year old, and his fur is a handsome buff color.

Our staff will tell you, Tiger is one of the most entertaining cats in the adoption center with his lively personality.

Besides talking to all of us, he loves chasing after things and playing. His favorite toys are stuffed mice.

Tiger doesn’t mind being groomed, and he likes attention.

We think Tiger would prefer to be in the only cat in a home. He wants a home where he can explore, play, and snuggle.

Will you give Tiger his FURever home? Visit the Cedar Bend Humane Society at 1166 W. Airline Highway in Waterloo to meet Tiger and to fill out an adoption application. We’re open all weekend from 10 to 5.

Tiger (cat)

29 Dogs Arrive at Cedar Bend Humane Society from ASPCA®

UPDATE — As of May 4th: 25 of the 29 dogs that arrived from the ASPCA on April 15th are adopted!

The pictures of the four available dogs are below.

You can see their full adoption profiles on our website: http://www.cedarbendhumane.org

THANK YOU so much for helping us find all our pets great homes! We appreciate your support.


The Cedar Bend Humane Society is partnering with the ASPCA® (American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals®) to help place dogs from rescue operations in Alabama, Arkansas, and South Carolina. The Cedar Bend Humane Society agreed to place 29 dogs. The dogs arrived in Waterloo on Wednesday, April 15. The dogs are a variety of size, age, and breed.

Please check www.cedarbendhumane.org soon for the pets’ profiles and Cedar Bend Humane Society on Facebook for further updates. Most of the dogs should be available for adoption within the next couple of days. If you’re interested in adopting, please look at the profiles on our website and fill out an application.

In late February, the ASPCA removed 100 dogs from an overwhelmed rescue group’s facility in Mountain View, Arkansas. The facility agreed to surrender the dogs due to its lack of sufficient resources. The majority of the dogs were never spayed or neutered and several were pregnant.

Approximately a week after rescuing dogs in Arkansas, the ASPCA was on the ground in Needham, Alabama assisting with the removal, medical, and transportation of more than 130 dogs. Many dogs suffered from hypothermia, dehydration, dental disease, and painful ocular damage resulting in blindness. The rescue operation was the result of an investigation prompted by numerous complaints about conditions at the breeding facility.






Bark For Life of Black Hawk County

Bark for LifeThe American Cancer Society Bark For Life is a fundraising event honoring the life-long contributions of our Canine Caregivers.
Bark For Life of Black Hawk is Saturday, May 2nd from 9 to 11 a.m. at Gateway Park in Cedar Falls.
The event is a noncompetitive walk for dogs and their owners to raise funds and awareness for the American Cancer Society’s fight against cancer.
Each dog is $10. Registration will take place from 9-9:30 a.m. and the walk begins about 9:35 a.m. after honored guests are introduced. The silent auction is open until 10:45 a.m. There will be contests with prizes awarded to the smallest dog, youngest dog, oldest dog, and largest dog. There will be a demonstration again this year from the K-9 Unit!
Dogs who attend the Bark For Life must have all current vaccinations, and must be kept on a leash that is 6′ or less. Owners are expected to clean up after their dogs. Water will be provided for dogs at the event. Dogs in heat are not allowed at this event.
Click here to get registered for the event.

FURever Home Friday: DeDe

Did you hear that? DeDe is serenading you!

DeDe is a handsome dove looking to go home with another dove.

We believe DeDe is a male bird. We aren’t sure of DeDe’s exact age, but he did live with his previous owner for about five years.

Doves are known to be fairly sedentary birds and enjoy sitting on a perch.

DeDe likes sitting in his cage, but he is also hand tame.

Doves are typically seed eaters, they require fresh water, and regular cage cleaning.

DeDe is a friendly bird with a beautiful singing voice!

His adoption fee is $20 (the cage is not included).

Will you give DeDe his FURever home?

Please visit the Cedar Bend Humane Society to meet DeDe, and to fill out an adoption application.

DeDe2 (bird) DeDe3 (bird)